Robust membranes for hard sheathing offering an optimal protection

A hard sheathing offers a particularly reliable protection against wind suction or wind pressure. It is very stable and helps to withstand heavy snow loads. Additional advantages of the hard sheathing are better sound insulation and the fact that the roof can be walked on during the construction or renovation work. With suitable DELTA® membranes on a hard sheathing, you can implement underlays as well as rainproof and watertight sub-roofs. Furthermore, all DELTA® roofing membranes for hard sheathing may also be used as a separation layer or coverage - such as for example under slate or metal roofing - on roofs and façade. During the construction work, a roofing membrane must withstand high demands and loads.

In particular, for the installation on a wooden hard sheathing, in the product portfolio DELTA® you can select suitable DELTA® membranes.

High-quality membranes for hard sheathing by DÖRKEN

We offer many highly resistant and vapour-permeable roofing membranes that are also suitable as membranes for hard sheathing. The main characteristic of the DELTA® products is their robustness. Thanks to our longstanding expertise paired with the most modern manufacturing processes, our products are extremely tear-resistant, highly resilient, and also sure-footed. Regardless of the weather conditions - DELTA® ensures the maximum level of protection for your roof structure! In addition, all our roofing membranes for hard sheathing meet the requirements of the ZVDH regulations. Consequently, they can be optimally used for temporary makeshift coverage.

On each product page you will also find an overview including the suitable accessories you may need for the professional laying of the membrane. Select your desired product so to receive additional information.