Roofing membrane, Façade membrane for closed joints DELTA®-MAXX PLUS

Our premium sarking and underlay membrane with patented self-adhesive edging is the solution for challenging requirements. It offers fall-through protection and features a high-quality combination of materials. Its particular longevity means that the membrane delivers long-lasting protection and enduring functionality.

Its elasticity and extreme tear resistance makes the material especially easy to fit and offers a high level of installation safety.

The double adhesive strips mean that the material can be simply rotated during the laying process.
The result: minimal offcuts, maXXimum cost savings, minimal time requirement – maXXimum satisfaction

Also suitable for use as façade sheeting behind enclosed joints!

New from 01/01/2023!

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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    DELTA®-MAXX PLUS in der Anwendung


  • Proven longevity
    DELTA®-MAXX PLUS offers proven longevity. A characteristic that our membrane has illustrated under the toughest conditions and in a range of test procedures. The corresponding ETA also testifies to the high performance and resistance.
  • With 30-year warranty
    We guarantee that DELTA®-MAXX PLUS, expertly installed, will retain its function (resistance against water penetration: Class W1) for 30 years. If a problem arises regarding this during this time, we will not only replace the material, but also bear the cost of removal and installation. The procedure is simple: One call and we take care of it.
    Click here for the statement of warranty.
  • Up to 30% material savings
    Thanks to the double adhesive strips, during the laying work much less material is consumed because the roofing membrane can simply be rotated. For you this means: minimal waste and, as a consequence, lower costs. Depending on the size of the roof, the roof pitch and the roof shape, material savings can be up to 30 percent compared to the roofing membranes with standard gluing.
  • High fire resistance
    Euro fire class B makes it much harder for flames to spread with DELTA®-MAXX PLUS. This means reliable protection for both house and inhabitants.
  • Enduring energy savings
    The self-adhesive edging prevents cold exterior air and moisture from penetrating. This protects the roof and saves precious energy and heating costs – for an enduringly energy efficient roof structure.
  • Tested fall-through protection
    The special combination of high tear resistance and strong elasticity means that DELTA®-MAXX PLUS has convincingly passed the increased testing for fall-through protection and offers you and your colleagues significantly greater safety on the roof.
  • High flexibility
    The elastic, flexible material of DELTA®-MAXX PLUS also compensates minor missteps when accessing the main battens. This also contributes to the long-lasting protection of the roof!

    Equipped with DELTA®-AMS and DELTA®-BiCo technologies.


DELTA®-MAXX PLUS is the solution for fully-insulated pitched roofs and meets the requirements of ZVDH product data sheets UDB-A and USB-A. The sheeting can also be used as temporary roofing and as façade membrane behind ventilated cladding with closed joints as well as for wooden sheathing.

The two integrated adhesive strips on the underside enable especially efficient and economical laying of the pitched roof membrane. The underlay membrane is rolled out parallel to the eaves and can be laid beginning from either right or left. The sheeting can be rotated 180 degrees and laid in the opposite direction. A tight fit in areas such as hips and coving avoids unnecessary offcuts, as fitting can continue immediately with the angled-cut roll.

After laying, simply remove the backing strips, press the edges into place, done!
The adhesive strips immediately adhere and are resistant to wind. The integrated self-adhesive edges and the smoothed rear side of the non-woven fabric mean that DELTA®-MAXX PLUS can be laid quickly. The grid structure on the top side serves as a perfect cutting guide.

More information on laying can be found in our laying instructions for sarking, underlay and sheathing sheeting.


Technical data

Material PET storage fleece with watertight, breathable PU coating. With patented self-adhesive edging.
Fire behaviour B-s1, d2 (EN 13501-1)
Fire index no. 4.2 (VKF)
Tear-out force approx. 450/400 N/5 cm (EN 12311-1)
Water resistance Class W1 (EN 1928)
sd value approx. 0.17 m (EN ISO 12572)
Temperature resistance -40°C to +80°C
Short-term maximum temperature resistance of material (< 8h / day) to +120°C
UV-related outdoor weathering duration: 12 weeks Temporary roofing function: 6 weeks Resistance to driving rain passed (Driving rain test for lining and underlay sheeting – TU Berlin)
Increased ageing requirements passed (ZVDH product data sheet, Table 1)
Weight approx. 190 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 14 kg
Dimensions 50 m x 1.50 m
CE conformity EAD 030218-01-0402 / EN 13859-2




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