Con­veyor belt oven

In the case of conveyor belt oven – including the so-called continuous furnace – the coated components are emptied from the basket onto a slow-moving conveyor belt to dry.

The process in the conveyor belt oven is as follows: Firstly, the coated parts arrive in the pre-drying area. Here the solvents or water (in the case of water-based systems) are evaporated at temperatures of around 80–120° C. Behind this is a cascade. The parts fall over this onto a second, faster-moving conveyor belt. This leads to a wider distribution of the parts and reduces adhesion between them during final annealing. Alternatively, the use of an untightened, slightly wavy belt is also possible. This moves the parts continuously up and down. Essentially, the following applies: during pre-drying or throughout the entire annealing process the parts are carefully moved against each other slightly. The next step is the actual curing process at a product-specific temperature and duration (in accordance with the technical bulletin). In conclusion, the parts are moved to cooling and cooled down to room temperature.