Cur­ing in process

In the scope of the application process (baking varnishes) the coating of a part is followed by so-called curing. This involves the coated parts being annealed in a furnace at a defined temperature and for a defined duration.

To ensure the complete functional capability of the coating applied, various requirements need to be met in the annealing process. The time between application and annealing is limited and varies according to process and type of coating (e.g. evaporation of solvents or fluidity of coating, sensitivity to humidity). Specific details of how to use the products are contained in the respective product data sheets. Also important: large rack parts – i.e. thick-walled parts or parts with large diameters or mass – require a longer heating-up time in the oven. Excessive bulk heights (>10 cm) on the oven belt or hurdle are to be avoided. The most common annealing processes employed included convection drying - with different types of oven used for this.