A coating with a sense of responsibility

The new practice for gynaecology and obstetrics impresses with a concept featuring light, reduced colours and recurring wood elements. On entering the practice, the eye is drawn to the spacious arch, behind which the specially built counter, treatment rooms and bright and airy waiting room are located.

Location Düsseldorf
Country Germany
Type of building Commercial object
State of building Renovation object
Coating materials used Dispersion paint for the interior
Surfaces Plaster
Products used LUCITE® MultiResist PRO

When it came to choosing a suitable paint, Dr. Bachon, a specialist for gynaecology and obstetrics, did not need to think for very long: “I had heard that there was a paint that was resistant to both the coronavirus and the MRSA hospital germ. That sounded exciting and caught my interest.” The MRSA germ can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems in particular and can trigger severe infections. As a consequence, doctors’ practices were already required to observe high hygiene standards even before the corona pandemic. “In the treatment rooms and waiting room in particular there is a high level of bacteria and germ formation and therefore an increased risk of infection – for my patients, but also for my staff and me,” explains Dr. Bachon. “I carry the responsibility and want to be able to treat my patients in my practice with a clear conscience.”

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Flur in der Arztpraxis Dr. Bachon
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Wartebereich in der Arztpraxis Dr. Bachon

Functional paint that also looks good

Firstly, the dated ceilings and walls were filled, plastered and subsequently coated with Lucite® MultiResist PRO by the in-house tradesmen. “The unique thing about this paint is that it is sustainable and also harmless to health, as no preservatives, solvents or biocides are used that could otherwise get into the air and be inhaled by us,” explains Jung-Wan Lok, Product Manager at Dörken. This means that the interior wall paint not only protects the 180m² practice, but also the people within it and the environment. Dr. Bachon summarises her choice: “If I am moving to a new practice, then I want a premium paint from the very beginning. And it also looks good.”