DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR red in Hamm, Germany

Colour consistency on the façade

The colour of a façade is a key creative element in architecture and town planning, underscoring the character of a building or complex. Intense hues in particular need to not fade prematurely, but remain consistent.

When a planner or customer uses intense colour tones, for example reds, blues or black/grey, they are consciously striving to make a colour statement. It is therefore all the more important that the colour concept endures in the longer term. This applies for façade colours, but also for coloured façade sheeting, the open, ventilated façades of wood, metal, glass and plastic that lend an impressive, three-dimensional depth.

Over time, grime and pollution lead to façade colours losing their brilliance. The UV element in sunlight also alters the coloured material itself. This is also the case with coloured façade cladding. Not only can this fade, the UV rays can also cause fundamental damage to the sheeting material itself.

The key to a façade system that offers secure protection with long-lasting, intensive colour therefore lies in the perfect interaction of pigment type, pigment quality and a high proportion of binding agents. Dörken products can make a significant contribution here: with over 125 years of expertise, the company’s paint and lacquer products deliver a colour design that remains attractive and intensive over the course of many years. In turn, the Dörken façade sheeting is especially resistant to UV rays and ageing, meaning that the colour of the façade sheeting does not fade under the influence of UV rays. At the same time, they are equipped with special UV stabilisers that prevent material from becoming brittle, for use behind open façade constructions.

This results in a perfect synergy that allows the appearance of the façade to be maintained over many years.

DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS - the UV-resistant façade sheeting

Industrial façades are given a highly individual optical quality with the use of coloured façade sheeting. In this case, the coral red of the façade membrane behind the perforated façade cladding creates alternating visual effects, depending on the lighting conditions. However, this requires that the façade sheeting is highly resistant to UV rays and ageing – otherwise it will rapidly look “dated”. Our reliable solution: DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS (former DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR). 

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DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR rood op een kantoorgebouw in Hamm, Duitsland
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Fassadenbeschichtung der höchsten Beständigkeitsklasse

Colour consistent paste systems

Colourful façades are the calling card of a building and render its special character unmistakeable. The use of a façade coating of the highest resistance category ensures that this attention-grabbing colour scheme does not rapidly fade to pale pink and grey.

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