Protects the wall. Protects people. Protects nature.

The notion that viruses and bacteria can only be caught via contact with infected individuals or objects such as doorhandles is wrong. Walls also convey these and should be scrutinised very closely.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic at the latest, disinfecting hands has become part of our everyday lives. For decades now, hospitals have been going a step further and regularly disinfecting the walls of patients’ rooms. Special wall coatings provide long-lasting protection against bacteria and germs. However, these are often manufactured using preservatives or biocides. An unsatisfactory situation for the experts at Dörken - who subsequently developed LUCITE® MultiResist PRO.

No such thing as no solution: resistant and environment-friendly

This new generation of wall coatings is the world’s first environment-friendly wall paint that is not only resistant to bacteria and mould, but also to coronavirus. Independent institutes have put it to the test: After just 24 hours all germs, such as the coronavirus, can no longer be detected. The risk of infection via contaminated wall surfaces is therefore excluded. At the same time, Dörken has created the product using no harmful additives that pose a risk to people, animals or the environment, making it absolutely environment-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers. A further advantage of the interior wall paint: even when cleaned with disinfectant (such as in hospital patient rooms), the paint remains on the wall with no loss.

Safe and colourful

Dörken’s LUCITE® MultiResist PRO is especially suited for areas with a high germ exposure, such as hospitals, care homes or doctors’ surgeries, in which people who are sick or in need of care are constantly gathered together. In addition, the wall paint is also a good choice for public institutions such as kindergartens and schools, as well as offices.

Beyond all of these health-promoting aspects, it is important to also pay attention to the actual colour. Colours can create a pleasant atmosphere, relax us and provide a safe and comprehensible orientation aid in care facilities. This is why Lucite® MultiResist PRO can also be tinted in over 100,000 standard colours.

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