Con­densed wa­ter test ac­c. to DIN EN ISO 6270-2

Condensed water test according to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 is a proven test procedure in surface coating technology and serves to clarify the behaviour of coated test pieces in a humid environment. The test is entitled “Paints and varnishes - determination of resistance to moisture – Part 2: condensation (examination in a climatic chamber with heated water vessel)”

The precise test procedure and implementation of the condensed water test is explained in detail in the standard. Depending on test variant (see below), in the test the condensation of moist air on the surface of a coated test piece is achieved under defined ambient conditions in a protected climatic chamber. The exposure to condensed water occurs over a specified period of time (see table below). The testing enables precise conclusions to be drawn regarding the behaviour and performance of the corrosion protection. Possible defects in the coating can also be identified. Due to the “artificial” test conditions, binding statements of the longevity of the tested parts are only possible to a limited extent, however.

Standard DIN EN ISO 6270-2 describes three test variants:

CHcondensation atmosphere with constant humidity
AHT: condensation atmosphere with  alternating  humidity and air temperature
AT: condensation atmosphere with  alternating  air temperature